5 things to Consider Before Choosing a Pet-Friendly Apartment in Frisco TX 

Moving is very stressful under the best of circumstances. If you have a pet, you have to find a place that will accept you and your four-legged friend. However, don’t forget that you are the customer here, and that it’s important to find a pet-friendly apartment Frisco where you both will thrive.

  1. Give yourself plenty of time. Nobody likes the work and stress involved with moving, much less praying that you find rental housing you like that also welcomes pets. Contact a real estate agent who can vet out apartments that not only allow but cater to owners with pets. Finally, begin your apartment hunt at least six weeks before your current lease is up, so you aren’t rushed.Image result for 5 things to Consider Before Choosing a Pet-Friendly Apartment in Frisco TX
  2. Consider a pet resume including a picture and description of your pet. Emphasize advantageous features. For example, if your pet is small or a friendly breed, play that up in the resume. If you have had good experiences with your pet in previous apartments, list them on the resume. Testimonials from prior apartment managers can help win over your new landlord. You should also include any training your pet received, along with a description of mastered skills that make him or her a good candidate for the apartment.
  3. Bring your pet along when you tour the apartment so your prospective landlord can see that your dog or cat is well-mannered. This is especially effective if your pet is a charmer. Vet records prove your pet is spayed or neutered, healthy, and current on his shots. If the apartment has carpeting, show the landlord the type of monthly medicine you apply to prevent infestations. You will most likely have to sign an agreement to keep your dog on a leash and dispose of droppings. Take this seriously to avoid additional fees and possible eviction. For instance, don’t let Fifi pee in the flower beds. (Hint: Pack some treats to reward good behavior during the visit.)
  4. Look for local and online advertising for pet-friendly apartment Frisco TX. Large complexes and other buildings that do not allow animals tend to spell that out in the listing. Call ahead prior to applying to verify pet deposits and to ask if the apartment you’re interested allows animals. Just because the building permits pets doesn’t mean the specific owner will follow suit.
  5. Count on a higher security deposit and monthly rent. In some cases, the extra security deposit is returned if the flooring and apartment are in good condition when you move out. Get it in writing and obtain signatures proving that you have permission from the manager, owner and condominium association to keep a pet on the premises. Comprehensive agreements protect you and the rental representatives as well as your pet.