6 Ways to Boost the Security of Your Home

Your home should be a haven for your family and property. However, without proper and efficient security, your home can become a hot target for crimes like theft, robbery, and burglary. It is essential to level up your home’s security time and again to ensure that it stays a safe and peaceful place to live in.

If you’re wondering what you could do to enhance the security of your house further, here are the best tips that you need to consider.

  • Change All the Locks Before You Live in Your New House

Before you sleep at night at your new home, make it a priority to replace all the locks with brand new ones. The previous owner may have given copies of the keys to other people, making your home susceptible to intrusion and other crimes. Change the locks on your new home to inhibit entry of people who might have evil intentions.

  • Invest in Upgraded, Extra Layers of Security

There are several ways to improve the security of your home. Install deadbolts at all doors of your home as well put secondary locks at the patio doors. Make sure to choose high-quality and durable locks and pick a reliable locksmith Katy professional when planning to install those new bolts. Don’t DIY this project or select a general carpenter. A professional locksmith is the best option for expertly installed home locks.

  • Pick Your Plants

There are specific plants can encourage or deter criminals from entering your home. Bushy plants make an ideal hiding place for thefts and burglars, so make sure your plants don’t grow so thick and tall. Prune and trim them regularly. Alternatively, you may opt for trellises as they climb to your fence and make it tough for the burglars to jump over into your premises.

  • Install Light Sensors

Light sensors are effective ways of exposing a potential burglary act. These are devices that light up when they detect movement. You’ll be promptly alerted to the intrusion is someone who’s not supposed to be on your property has stepped foot. To get a better and wider coverage, put the light sensors in a high location.

  • Put Up Cameras Around and Inside the Premises and Let People Know You Have Them

There are a couple of high-quality and affordable CCTV cameras that you can use to record and deter a potential act of crime in, out and around your property. Make it known to criminals that you have them by putting stickers on a security agency.

  • Mind Your Habits and Actions

Don’t open your door to strangers. If a person comes over to your home and asks to use your phone (say to call a mechanic or the police), don’t give him the phone. Instead, make the call yourself while letting him wait out of the door. If you notice that someone is observing your movements, change your route periodically to throw him off track. Don’t let cleaning people enter and clean your home without you present. Leave the lights open even if you’d be gone for the night just to make people think you’re home. A house in total darkness makes a pretty invitation for a crime.