A wide range of attractive candles for you

The sights and scents of candles are widely appreciated all over the world. Candles are used in religious festivals and rituals apart from decorations. There are many kinds of artistic candles available in the market. You can visit us at wisdomproducts.com to get access to such candles and products available in our collection. Some of them have been described in the following paragraphs.

Candles related to religion

Apart from candles related to Christianity we also stock candles of Santeria religion. Some examples of our santeria candles have been mentioned here.

The 23rd Psalm candle is a 7 day candle in white colour. The 23rd Psalm is written on the side of the candle in blue. This candle imparts a positive atmosphere to your house and protects it against evil forces. Burn this candle and recite the 23rd Psalm in an atmosphere of serenity.

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The 7 day 7 knots untying candle is also white in colour. This candle has images and verses on the side signifying untying of knots. Burning this candle helps in getting rid of bad luck, breaking jinx and hex breaking.

The 7 day better business candle has a purple colour. This candle helps in improving your business.

Other kinds Santeria candles include break up candle, Cross of Caravaca, lucky gambler and much more.

Molded candles

These are ritual candles which come in various shapes and designs. Each and every type molded candle has a specific purpose. Some examples are as follows.

Marriage image candle featuring a couple is available in red and white colours. This candle enhances the love between couples and also influences your lover to propose marriage. The candle also helps in warding off negative influences from the relationship.

Skull image ritual candles which are used for hexing or separating are also available in red, black and white varieties.. Other examples include guardian angel image candle, cross altar candle, etc.