Calculate your solar energy saving

The solar panel is a device which is used for giving you usable energy from solar energy. It is very hard to buy a new solar panel without consulting a professional. Buying a new solar panel is a very time-consuming process. Easy access to the internet makes it easier. Now you don’t have to need to consult professional. Get solar price is an online platform from where you can easily find great deals on solar devices near you.

Get solar prices partnered with some leading solar panel companies like Panasonic Sanyo, Sharp, Suntech and many others. One just has to fill a simple online form. They will contact you with up to four solar installers in your area with price estimates for free and without obligations. Get solar prices have a brand new online calculator option to calculate your solar energy savings. In GetSolarPrices calculator, you just have to fill details of following queries.

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  • Approximate Roof Space for solar panel in meter square
  • The direction of your roof which faces the sunny side of West, South/West, South, South/east, East.
  • Inclination of your roof such as <20 º, 20 – 39 º, 40 – 60 º, > 60 º.

By filling the form, it shows your earning and savings and how much your solar panel generated electricity, annual income/savings, and a total saving of 20 years.

Benefits of using Solar PV:

  1. Cost efficient: Solar panels are mainly designed to save money and generate eco-friendly These devices take energy from the sun and convert it into electricity.
  2. Governmental incentives: Solar panels generate electricity for many years. The government will pay you for every unit that your solar panel generates.
  3. Zero maintenance: Solar PV has no moving parts so, there is no need of maintenance. Its lifetime is around 25+ years.
  4. Eco-friendly: Traditional generators use kerosene and other fossil fuels to generate electricity and they cause problems like Global warming. But solar panels produce energy without using any harmful chemicals and give clean electricity.