Got a house for sale? One of the first few questions that will probably pop up then will be how to get a great estate agent to manage your properties and guarantee you adecent return on them. Real estate agents and firms are all around, and so are those that are not the best for you. So what makes a decent estate agent and how do you go about scouting for one? We have you covered in this article so please read on!

  1. Get your list

Before hiring or choosing an estate agent to get your property sold, it’s just as essential to evaluate your options by getting the list of all potential estate agents you will be working with. You can easily get this using the numerous available online resources and specifically searching for those around your area. And also, they should be easily accessible to you. You may also request family and close friends to give you options based on their own experiences with past estate agents.

  1. Their experience

Yes, another factor vital for successful property sale is knowing the level of experience garnered by your real estate agent before allowing them to take charge of your home sale. Before hiring one, make sure to know their turnaround time, how decent their eventual selling price goes from the initial auction price, and ultimately that they are used to selling similar properties as yours. This could go a long way in making sure you get the best return on sale.

  1. Their professionalism

Sometimes you just don’t feel a click with your prospective estate agent and this could be a true gut feeling. If you perceive unprofessional conduct and have the slightest inkling things might not go well, then you may probably be right. So before choosing your estate agent, make sure you are comfortable working with him and their aura speaks professionalism and trust. You can also check their online presence and see if the properties they’ve sold in the past have good descriptions, with lucid pictures and every other question that may pop up in your mind which you may not get valid answers to.

  1. Their marketing strategy

Make sure to know the manner of publicity your property will be given and make sure your estate agent has the know-how on giving it the best marketing exposure. Having an online, newspaper and other media platforms combined could give you the best property exposure for a profitable sale.

  1. Their cost

Great estate agents may ask for a commissionthat’s a bit high, but as with most things in life, you will probably be getting a good return on your property sale. Since they will go the extra mile to sell at a profit that will earn them the commission. Thus, you may have eyebrows raised if your estate agent asks for a commission you find ridiculously low when compared to the property.

These tips, though not exhaustive should be decent enough in choosing a great estate agent, and of course, sell your property at a good profit.