How to Choose the Right Balustrade System

There are many different kinds of balustrade systems available in the market today but how do you know which one is right for you? When you facea wide variety of vast choices, it becomes extremely difficult to choose the right balustrade system for your house.

Once you finalize your choice, you might still be second-guessing yourself as there are multiple designs available in the market. The design, the style, the material – all makes it highly confusing for a layman to pick up the best of the best. This is where you need professional help as there are many considerations to bear in mind that might not be based on your likes and dislikes.

 You probably must have conducted a certain amount of research on which type of balustrades are available, the different styles and fittings, etc. But there issome aspects that only a professional eye can see.Firstly, you need to considerthat are you buying and indoor or outdoor glass balustrade to ensure that it suits its surroundings.

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If you are new to choosing an outdoor glass balustrade, then follow the guide given below:

  • First of all, you have to consider the location of installing your balustrade system. Is it around the swimming pool, balcony or stairs? Location is very important because you may not know this but some materials perform better in some locations than others. Most materials perform well inside, but if balustrade is outside, it can be a different story.
  • Secondly, you need anaccurate measurement of the space as you have to consider the size of the balustrade system that you are about to buy. Whenever possible carry pictures of the space where the balustrade will be installed so that you can show it to the shopkeeper.This will also help you to buy one that looks balanced in that space and does not block your view. This will also ensure that the chosen balustrade is serving its purpose – being a sturdy safety barrier.
  • Before going to the market, always prepare yourself to expect the variety of things you can get. You can search online for the styles and designs that are appealing you. You can even find thousands of ideas on websites and social media platforms.
  • Also decide on the material beforehand so that you are conclusive about your choice. There are multiple varieties such as balustrades having glass infill or alternatives such as wire and spindles.You can even create a ‘’mood board’’ too.
  • You should also consider the strength of the fixings which requires its loading specifications. Confirm which material these fixings will be anchored to and the material it will be installed on.

You have to confirm the type, condition, density, and age of the material as this will have an impact on the fixing used. You can also decide the materials you can use for balustrade, for example, glass metals, and woods.

  • Work out on how much you can afford to spend. The amount you have to spend on your perfect balustrade system will impact on many of your decisions.

You can even have a look at SHS website where they provide an in-depth buying guide for the most suitable balustrade for your house.


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