How to Clean Up Your Backyard

The backyard is an integral part of your home that determines how much time you want to spend outdoors with your family during the spring and summer season. Unfortunately, many people can begin to neglect the space and cause it to become cluttered and overgrown. If you want to clean up your backyard and boost your home’s value, there are a few steps that you can take as a homeowner to improve its appearance.

Install a Shed

A shed is a perfect answer to removing lawn tools and toys that sit out on your lawn and cause dead spots to develop in the grass. A shed will allow you to have extra storage space for items that are cluttering the yard or are too large to store in your garage. The shed will also be useful in protecting expensive items that are at risk of being stolen when they’re sitting out. Storage sheds in Southern Iowa will also be helpful in protecting the products from becoming damaged in harsh weather conditions or due to exposure to environmental elements.

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Tidy Up the Flower Beds

According to, it’s important to give attention to the flower beds to improve your landscaping and allow it to look maintained. Cut back dead branches and remove old annuals, which can be placed in a compost bin to get rich soil to use in the yard. Using mulch and fertilizer will also allow the plants to thrive in each season of the year.Many experts also recommend staking the flower beds and enclosing them to create a defined border.

Landscape Pond Edges

According to, formal ponds should have edges to separate the feature from the rest of the yard and allow it to look clean and tidy. The pond can look unfinished if it doesn’t have an edge and will look cleaner if it has brick edging.

Avoid Mowing Too Low

Many people make the mistake of mowing their lawn too low, which can cause the grass to appear messy and will allow weeds to grow and overtake the space. Research the type of grass that is present, which will determine how long it should grow before it’s mowed. Overfeeding the lawn can make the roots grow too quickly, which will lead to the grass growing too fast and can make it difficult to maintain.

Use Decorations Sparingly

It can be easy to go overboard with the lawn decorations that are used in your backyard among your flowers and plants, making it necessary to use the items sparingly. Consider using one or two decorations on each side of the yard to avoid creating an environment that looks cluttered.

Creating a beautiful backyard will require you to maintain the space and keep it tidy. By taking the right steps, you’ll want to spend more time in the yard and can allow it to look beautiful in each season.

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