Install a new roof and lower your premiums

Install a new roof and lower your premiums

Your homeowner’s insurance premium is really all about location however, location aside, there are myriad steps to decreasing that premium of yours. Most homeowners are not aware of the fact that they do not have to pay the high rates that they do, which are reported to vary anything from$500 upwards. It’s all about the care and effort that is put into your home. If you are thinking of doing an upgrade on your house speak to your agent first.

Whilst an upgrade on your home generally lowers the costs of your insurance premiums, there are a few of these additions to your home that may send the premium in the other direction. The upgrades below are directly related to your insurance policy.

Increasing your homeowner’s insurance policy premium

The pool – Adding a swimming pool to your home is a big factor to consider. The addition could send your premium skyrocketing. Why? Because it increases the total rebuild cost of your home. Not only that, but it raises your liability risk substantially because of swimming pool accidents. If you are going to upgrade to the addition of a swimming pool, make sure you increase your liability coverage.

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The office – Make sure that you read the small print. Most insurance companies do not cover a home-based business for the amount that it is worth. It is imperative to get the accurate cover to insure your office based equipment. Due to your liability increasing because of walk-in customers running the risk of injury and leading to you being sued, it is wise to increase your liability coverage as well.

Lower your homeowner’s insurance policy

The roof – Upgrading your roof is the wisest decision that you can make when deciding to upgrade your home. Installing a new roof will lower your homeowner’s insurance policy substantially. The roof is one of the greatest risk areas in your house. It is vulnerable to the elements, including rain, hail, storms and other weather phenomena which will not only cause damage to your roof but also result in damage to the inside of your home. An old roof promises no protection from weather damage and therefore costs you double or triple the premium than if you installed a new roof. HTTPS://

Always make sure that you review your homeowner’s insurance policy so that you are in the know about which changes and alterations could save you money, and which ones will send your premiums flying through the roof. Call the crew at High Places Roofing to learn about your options