Popular Uses for Modular Buildings

Modular buildings, available in a section of styles and sizes can be used for a variety of purposes, some of which we are going to be discussing today. With the options to get both new and used portable buildings, there are options suitable for all budgets – therefore we are sure that if you are looking for a portable building, there will be one appropriate for you.

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Just some of the most popular uses for modular and portable buildings this year include the following:

Temporary Classrooms

A lot of schools, college and universities choose to use portable buildings to extend their space. This is because portable buildings offer high quality permanent facilities which can solve overcrowding issues and/or make great temporary facilities whilst construction work is being carried out. Another reason why educational establishments choose to use portable buildings is because of the short times they take to put up, allowing for minimum disruption.

Portable Offices

Portable offices are great for those looking to provide extra space for their growing workforces. Portable buildings can be open plan or customised with partition walls, enabling them to be suitable for all needs and requirements. Heating and windows can also be installed in portable buildings to make them more comfortable. Portable offices are also good as they can be moved easily, perfect for companies who are struggling to select a permanent location.

Channing Rooms

Portable buildings can be used as changing rooms for all sports teams, fitted with boilers, plumbing for showers, sinks and toilers. There is a wide range of toilet and shower block portable buildings that are chosen by sports clubs on a day to day basis. In these buildings slip resistant flooring can also be fitted and partition walls created.


It is really easy to transform portable buildings into shops and stores with lighting, electrics, doors, windows and everything else in which shops require. More and more people are choosing to open up pop-up-shops, which they can move about cleverly in order to get the most possible custom. A number of people are also choosing to use these buildings as cafes and bars too.

Marketing and Sales Suites

Marketing and sales companies are choosing to use portable buildings as a base – This is because it is affordable and advantageous. Portable buildings are not only easy to put up but they can also be combines to create the exact size/shape spaces that companies need.

These are only some of the uses of portable buildings too – You really can use them however you wish, from a guest house in your garden to a modern work space. Take a look at your options today we are sure that you won’t be left disappointed.