Property Management Software                             

If you’re a property developer, entrepreneur, managing agent or otherwise involved in the management of multiple properties, you really should be using General Property Management Software.

Here’s why your life – and bank balance – could be better with General Property Management Software.

Loves the Property Management jobs that you hate

Remember that old adage about you need to like doing a job to do it well? How many property managers can actually say they enjoy doing all those tasks, much less that they’ll be doing them well?

With General Property Management Software, which actually loves doing all those little pesky tasks, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it.

And with all those tasks that you hate being done elsewhere, it will leave you to focus more on doing those jobs that you love!

Get the specialists on the job with General Property Management Software

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Whilst it may seem that Property Management is a never-ending drudge of thankless tasks, the reality is there’s nothing really new or complex about it. Which is all the more reason to use General Property Management Software such as MUSas it’s been developed by chartered surveyors with 26 years’ hands-on experience of property management.

Imagine having the assistance of experienced chartered surveyors on every task that needs to be done on a daily basis? Well the next best thing is General Property Management Software, as it will allow you increase your productivity, profitability and efficiency each day.

Work smarter, faster and comprehensively

Whether you’re managing a small handful of properties or up to 100,000 tenancies, General Property Management Software can cover any situation. Rather than pumping out the same old tired spreadsheets, why not let specialist software do all the ‘heavy lifting’ for you, whilst at the same time doing it better, faster and more effectively?

Multiple benefits

By implementing a General Property Management Software package, your entire workflow can be revolutionised – as there’s not much it can’t do.


Leases, plans, licences photographs and all supporting documentation can be safely archived within General Property Management Software. No more lost paperwork, no more wasted time looking in the wrong places, and most of all, a safe and secure place to keep everything together.

Regulations, rules and best practices

it’s a pain to keep up with all the latest regulatory processes, so why not let General Property Management Software take the strain for you? All professional regulations and statutes are covered by the workings of General Property Management Software, allowing you to focus on best practices every time.


Why not let General Property Management Software take care of the drudgery of accounting for you, such as producing accounts, returns, interest payments, balances, reports and so much more?

Why pay for an accountant or a finance team when all your property management  financial workflow can be done better – and cheaper – by a machine?

Conclusion: General Property Management Software does your property management work for you, so you don’t have to

Of course, General Property Management Software isn’t free – it does cost money, sadly. However, think of all the time and money you will save- both in man-hours and costs (e.g. accountants) . Think of the stress sand hassle you will save knowing those repetitive, tiresome jobs are being taken care of.

Only then, ask yourself – can you afford NOT to have General Property Management Software?