Seeking Efficient, Effective Local Pest Controllers?

In a moment of panic when you see a scuttling pest or flying tormentor please call the best reviewed and most effective pest controllers in your area. Better yet, have their number ready to call should the situation ever arise that a wasp colony is lodged in your attic, a rat family has infested your bins or a mole is wreaking havoc on the lawn.

Pest Control Berkshire is one firm that deals with these critters daily and they provide pest control Reading, Thatcham, Newbury and in to Wiltshire and Hampshire services. Their reputation is exemplary and they have quick response times.

That’s essential. Who wants to live scared and alongside a pest?

Pest control Thatcham or Reading specialists may already be working just around the corner. A national firm might have longer response times so look for a “pest control near me” firm to receive top level services.

Don’t try to handle pest eradication yourself.  Your actions could prove counterproductive, a waste of time and money and ultimately lead you back to the right course of action, hiring a pest control Berkshire specialist from a local firm.

Remember, if over the counter and DIY methods were effective there would be no call for pest controllers in the area. However, with their experience, qualifications and access to treatments which are not available to the public, they can and do completely remove issues.

One approach does not fit all pests

Search for a specialist pest control near me firm and save yourself from painful stings, bites and disease risks.

Don’t kill unnecessarily.

Mice and rats may need to be eradicated but they’re wise to ordinary techniques and over the counter poisons can have little or no effect because they’ve evolved to consume them happily.

Bees, hornets and wasp nests simply require relocation. These flying friends are essential to the ecosystem so killing them is to hurt the planet and ourselves.

A grey squirrel or mole requires a trapping technique, poisons and gases are used only as last resorts.

Woodworm necessitate an infestation survey and then treatment from pest control Reading and Berkshire teams.

Rats chew any material or item that they consider to be useful for nests. They will even attack your drywall or damage your insulation. Chewed wiring represents a fire risk. Never ignore it.

Rats devour items that hold nutritional value, virtually anything to survive. As rats merrily trundle about they will contaminate everywhere they go, including the food items which encourages food related illnesses like salmonellosis to occur.


The common problems come from their larvae state rather than their adult moth form. Larvae eat in to fabrics, upholstery and any food deposited on it, wool, feathers and fur.

Look for a “pest control near me” expert because fumigation by commercial pest controllers may be the only viable solution to remove a moth infestation from your property.

Speak to professional pest control Thatcham, Reading and Newbury experts for peace of mind.