Small changes can make a big difference

Glasgow kitchen supplier DM Design has created this list of unique changes you could make to your home to give it a fresh new look.

More layers?

Adding layers is a simple change that you can make, but you will see a big difference in the home. Whether it’s in the bedroom with layers of blankets, throws and cushions, or rugs and furniture in other rooms, layering is a great way to achieve a new dimension.

Introduce fresh plants

Growing fresh herbs in the kitchen, or having potted plants in your home, really brings your interior up-to-date and is a very fresh and affordable addition. Have more fun by mixing up plant pots between vintage and classic around your home.

A brighter living space

Use the power of illusions to bring more light into your room, the secret is mirrors! The mirrors amplify any light from the windows and lights and make everything brighter and more spacious. Need another tip? Place lamps in front of mirrors to amplify this effect.

Waste not, want not

Recycling what you’ve already got is a great way to create decorative items to improve your home’s interior design. Whether you turn jam jars into candle holders and vases or use candles to decorate an empty fireplace, you should check what you’ve got at your disposal before buying anything new.

Your doors

This one is only viable if you have a great deal of space. Change your doors from white to black to create a contemporary feel. Limited on space? Just paint the outer-edges for an extreme 3D effect.