Some notable London architecture projects plans for 2018

2018 is set to be another exciting year for architectural design in London. From a secluded courtyard for Serpentine Pavilion to a giant globe shaped concert hall for East London, the UK’s capital city continues to be a world leader in architectural design.

This year is set to be another progressive time for London as a trendsetter for modern architecture developments.A plethora of cutting edge architectural designs and construction technologies for London projects areon the planning boards of some of the world’s foremost architects.

Latest London architecture design projects

Here are just some of the notable architectural design projects being planned for London in 2018:


2018 Serpentine Pavilion by Frida Escobedo

Renowned Mexican architect Frida Escobedo has been confirmed as the designer of the 2018 Serpentine Pavilion. This year’s Pavilion is set to feature a modern angular latticed enclosure surrounding a pool of water.


Huge globe shaped concert hall plan for East London


A massive globe-shaped concert hall, which could rise above St Paul’s cathedral in its height, is in the planning pipeline for a site near the Stratford Olympic park. The hall is set to be housed in a 103 metre high spherical globe shaped building. This super ambitious and revolutionary designis being prepared by London architect’s Populous.

The new concert hall would rival the O2 arena as London’s premier indoor venue.


Spectacular skyscraper set to be built in Croydon


CZWG architectural studio is preparing the designs for a 228 metre high tower to be built in Croydon in South London. The spectacular design features ‘Matisse inspired facade patterns’. The skyscraper project is part of a major regeneration project that’s under way for Croydon and South London.

The building is set to feature a pair of towers which stand on a podium like base building. The skyscraper is to include a viewing gallery which promises to provide unobstructed views of London from the South side.

Tall building development is being encouraged for central Croydon. The new skyscraper received planning permission in 2017 and construction is scheduled to start in early 2018.


New library for London’s Thamesmead estate


Bisset Adams architectural design studio has been named as the winner of a competition to design a new library and community centre as part of a new masterplan for the Thamesmead estate. The winning design is modelled on a swans nest.The project is expected to cost £5m to complete and will be constructed from cross-laminated timber.


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