Style it Right: Remodel Your Bedroom Like a Pro

As a human being who exhausts their energy throughout the day, sleeping is a must to regain energy. But before sleeping, have you evaluated how your bedroom look? Is it messy and are things are all over the place? If so, then immediately opt to remodel your room! You should sleep in a room that contributes to your sweet dreams.

A disorganized room can make it hard to relax, especially in the morning when you wake up. You won’t feel refreshed because your bedroom alone can give you stress. What’s worse is if you spend family time in your room, like snuggling with your kids or reading books, and the room you’re in is in a depressing state.

That kind of environment won’t contribute to your relaxation. Luckily, bedroom renovations don’t cost much, because you don’t need to install new features or remove anything major. Often, it just needs general cleaning and moving of your furniture. If you want to know more, here are six tips on remodeling your bedroom like a pro.

Organize Your Stuff

Most make-over projects start with organizing your things to sort what’s needed or not in your bedroom and what’s cluttering your space. If you like to read a lot of books before going to bed, don’t stack your books on the bedside table. They’ll make unneeded clutter, hence, making your room messy. Put them back on the bookshelves and arrange them neatly.

Moreover, this step is a good time to scan through your closet and check for unused clothing like shirts, pants, and shoes. Get rid of these items as it contributes to the mess. And if you have a linen closet, organize it by pairing your excess towels and sheets.

Paint the Walls

Painting the walls of your bedroom is the easiest way to change the overall mood and look of your space. Pick a color that suits your needs and style, like choosing a color that enhances the ambiance of the room.

For example, if you want to have a cozy and warm feeling to your room, then choose colors like lilac green and delicate violet. If you want light and modern, choose red and yellow. Fancy some bright and electric colors? Then go for dark hues like blue and violet.

There are thousands of color combinations to choose from, and if one color scheme doesn’t work for you, you can always repaint over it. It’s up to you because your goal is to personalize the space.

Changing Furnitures

Changing your furniture can be a tough decision for your remodeling. Because bedroom kinds of furniture are large and heavy, that’s why they’re not easy to replace. So unless you plan to have a drastic change for your room, consider just painting or varnishing your furniture, and modifying the character of your closet or headboard.

But if you need to buy new ones, look for stores or online retailers that sell at a low price. Planning to add more lamps? Then buy lamp tables that can suit the style of your bedroom. Or buy new wooden closets and just repaint them yourself to save more money.

Good Lighting Matters

Well-designed rooms usually have one thing in common – they have the perfect amount of lighting all throughout the day and night. If your bedroom has too much light, then consider installing dimmer pot lights to reduce the glare of the room. If your room is too dark, try placing a few lamps around to increase the visibility of the space.

Fortunately, lamps are cheap accessories to buy that’s why it won’t be a problem buying some. Ronique Gibson of freshome explains that “Lighting in bedrooms is important for relaxing and rejuvenating the human spirit. It brings your bedroom some much-needed illumination and inspiration.”

Place Arts Pieces that You Love

A bedroom is an ideal space to put up art pieces that you love and mean the most to you. For example, if your kids drew you something, it’s better to frame it and display it in your room. Whether it’s classical paintings or sculptures, make the most of your space.

According to Tara Mastroeni, “Wall art is the finishing element that can help pull a space together and make it feel complete. It is that little extra touch that can take your space from simply looking functional to appearing as if it should grace the pages of an interior design magazine.”

If you want a clean look, pick one or two pieces that you like and display them in places that they stand out. If you want a diverse set of things to display on your walls, fill it with whatever you want. Look for cheap art pieces to put up when you want to save more.

Choose Linens that Suit Your Standards

The linens can contribute a lot to the way you sleep. If your linens aren’t comforting you while you sleep, then what’s the use of having them? First, comes the comfortability of the linens, and the style should come next. Mattresses from Sealy King Mattress have excellent linens.

If you want to save money, don’t buy bedspread that is pricey. Instead, go with the basics like plain colors and basic patterns. You’re guaranteed to have a good night’s sleep while saving a lot of hard-earned cash!


Take your time remodeling your bedroom, because you spend many of your time sleeping in this space. Make it as lively as possible and transform it into something you want. Remember, the way you sleep can tell a lot about what you’ll feel the next day, so remodel your bedroom away!

Author’s Bio

Rachel Minahan is a budding writer who likes to write blogs about interior designing. Her enthusiasm for writing leads her to write in different sites that talks about interior designing. Rachel  lives in Australia  with her husband and two lovely children.