The Benefits of Insulating a Home

If you feel cold drafts coming into the living room in the middle of the day, it may be because your home isn’t properly insulated. The same may be true if the floor is cold or if the attic is colder or warmer than the other rooms in the house. Let’s take a look at a few of the biggest benefits of adding insulation to your property.

Keep Your Energy Bills to a Minimum

When a house has the right amount of insulation, it makes it easier to regulate the indoor temperature throughout the year. In turn, this reduces the amount of money spent on heating and cooling bills. Furthermore, a home that is properly insulated will experience an even distribution of hot or cold air depending on what the thermostat is set at.

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Get Rid of Drafts Throughout the Home

It doesn’t take much for air to slip through a crack in the foundation or through an opening in the attic. Typically, air enters through vents in the attic or through gaps between siding and interior walls. It can also enter the home through gaps or cracks in the floor, windows or ceilings in any room of the house. When you have insulation installed in your home, it covers up those spaces and reduces the amount of hot or cold air that gets in from outside.

Insulation Can Keep Most Pests Away

Insulation can keep pests away from a home in two different ways. First, it can work to reduce or eliminate spaces or gaps that they may use to enter the home. In many cases, it takes less than a quarter of an inch for a carpenter ant or termite to get into a home. Second, the insulation itself may be resistant to most types of rodents or insects that want to make your home their home as well. In addition, new insulation may be resistant to water or other moisture, which may both attract pests and provide an energy source.

Properly Insulated Homes are More Attractive to Buyers

Homes that have the right amount of insulation may be more attractive to buyers for a variety of reasons. For example, a buyer may be impressed that he or she won’t have to deal with the time and money it may cost to put it in after buying the property. Since insulation can act to keep basements and attics at a comfortable temperature, it may provide more available space to use for living or other needs. Buyers who are concerned about the time and energy it may take to undertake an insulation project themselves may want to have insulation installers do it for them.

Those who are thinking about making improvements to their home should strongly consider adding new insulation. Modern materials are affordable, sustainable and have long useful lives. Therefore, current homeowners and new buyers alike may be able to see the results of their investment both now and well into the future.

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