Top Office Space Ideas

Do you remember the adage, “You are always a product of the environment you live and work in”? This is whyyou should work in a perfect environment. You must develop an environment that can push you forward and keep you engaged.

Office managers and facilities managers are responsible for building productive workspaces. They are responsible for structuring and organizing offices effectively. Buying office space is not easy. It needs plenty of planning and collaboration. A company like office space Long Beach can help.Office space differs from one company to another. It depends on the company’s employees and culture. The right office space is required to motivate and empower employees.

Here are few interesting tips on how to build a great office space.

Idea #1 – Hot Desking

First of all, you must decide between hot and fixed desks. Hot-desking has become a trend in the past few years. This is where seats are not assigned to employees. With the advent of tablets, laptops and wireless network connections, hot-desking has become feasible. Employees can move around easily.Desks are given to employees on a first-come-first-serve basis. The office features open desks and tables. The open tables are carefully equipped with cables, monitors, and other essentials. Office spaces with thehot-deskingconcept need to be configured for all kinds of employees.

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Idea #2 – Movable Desks

Do you know that a company in Switzerland features movable desks? As suggested by its name, these desks can be moved around. You can reconfigure the office space at any time and in any way. Desks can be attached together like pieces of a puzzle. This makes the office space collaborative, flexible and mobile.

Idea #3 – Overlapping zones

A recent study revealed that overlapping zones help in spontaneous collaboration. If you want employees to interactive and brainstorm, their paths must overlap! How about overlapping their desks? Scientists at the University of Michigan revealed that employees who run into others are more likely to collaborate. Data from this study proves that unplanned interactions can improve a firm’s creativity and performance. Very rarely do people in front of computer screens come up with creative ideas. Smart designs, catchy ideas, and interesting theories come when opinions collide. By removing walls and creating overlap zones, offices can inspire collaboration.

Idea #4 – Music Rooms

Another interesting facility that can improve your office space would be “Music Rooms”. Music is a powerful tool that can boost productivity. It is a positive element in any company’s culture. If you want your employees to calm down and stay energized, you should include a pinch of music at work. The LinkedIn headquarters in California has a music room with jam out facilities. You will come across sophisticated microphone standards, expensive musical instruments and even stage lighting. Music can improve office culture in many ways. It helps people think differently. Above all, it makes work fun.

Idea #5 – Plants

Last but certainly not least, greenery and plants can do wonders! They are definitely good food for the soul. Research proves that greenness can improve productivity by 15 to 20 percent. A green office is always comfortable, profitable and amusing.