Upgrade Your Ordinary Bathroom And Make It Have A 5 Star Hotel Feel

Inside our home, a bathroom is a place where we tend to hide and tend to matters that need some privacy. So it does make sense that we don’t offer to chat and entertain guest on the toilet and in the bathtub. Such activities we do either in the living room or the kitchen.

We don’t need to make do with just an ordinary bathroom. Something ordinary when carefully and expertly remodeled can provide us years of pleasure, and comfort just like what we experience with 5-star hotels. But if you fail and just do an amateur job you will painstakingly be reminded of it every day.

What Are The Things That Would Make Your Bathroom Have A 5 Star Kind Of Feel

Before anything else before investing in any home remodeling, one must make sure that aside from personal satisfaction it should also add value to your home and ultimately save you money on water and energy to maximize the value of the investment. Below are ideas to both achieve the 5-star hotel feel and get that added value to your home.

Striking Tiles

Your bathroom tiles are the first thing that you and any guest in your home will see upon entering one’s bathroom. It’s high time to discard those ordinary tiles and opt for something with color or beautiful patterns. A reminder when choosing your tiles they need to complement one another to avoid a result that ends up in bad taste.

Switch To A Bidet

Installing a new toilet like a bidet is what you consider adding value to your home. Modern-day bidets come with functionalities like temperature control, pressure control, indigo nightlights, soft closing lids, and warmed seat. Such spa-like fixture will give you a feel of being in a 5-star hotel. The brondell swash line is something to consider is your ready to splurge on a much-needed comfort and addition to your bathroom.

Put Up A Mirror With Flair

It’s sadly a common thing that many of us settle with the contractor-grade mirrors that we find in The Home Depot.Choosing a mirror that has a personality and coupling it up with some smart storage can elevate one’s bathroom. One can use antique mirrors or mini storage boxes. Just in case that you are on a budget, try visiting flea markets or discount shops for some inexpensive yet quality mirrors.

Retire Your Old Mats

A bath mat that looks dirty or used up too much is one sure way of making your bathroom looking unkempt, now if your one of those people that have one. It’s high time that you change them.To achieve and have a feel for a 5-star hotel bathroom instead of terry cloth mats upgrade to Persian or Turkish rugs. These tufted wool rugs give a soft like touch to your underfoot and become like the best substitute for those ordinary rugs you have. Also, they come in sophisticated patterns and colors that get better as they fade. They bring forth that much-needed personality in one’s bathroom.

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